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A weekly podcast of Tourette Syndrome convos with people who know it best. Your host is Ben, diagnosed as a kid, still rolling with it.

Dec 14, 2018

SEASON 2 FINALE PART B! We end with one of the most deep and interesting conversations yet. Entrepreneur Niko is the founder of PRML Soul Clothing in Las Vegas and has quite a life story driving him, from his family's international search for TS relief to self-acceptance that tours through the deepest elements of human nature. His experiences roll into personal empowerment and life coaching for others, and it makes for a talk that ends on sharply engaging notes. Season 2 fin!

DISCLAIMER: Tourette's Podcast is not a medical or therapeutic advice show. It's purely about our experiences and what they've made of us. Talk to professionals about what's right for your life.

Video about Niko, "Strength in Adversity" 

PRML Soul 

Niko on Twitter