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A weekly podcast of Tourette Syndrome convos with people who know it best. Your host is Ben, diagnosed as a kid, still rolling with it.

Feb 16, 2018

On this episode we've got 21-year-old Maddie, who owns her Tourette's even in hard-ticking times. Funny enough, though, people in her life seem surprised when she lets them in on the fact that she has Tourette Syndrome, like, "I would never have guessed!" Which just goes to show. Tics aren't always so conspicuous, even as they consume people who have even mild cases of Tourette's. In fact, Maddie and Ben end up discovering they have the same bizarre tic that no one ever sees. Maddie's story is one of a tough search for relief from tics -- even trying to reshape them or manipulate them into lower-impact versions -- while also accepting the fact that Tourette's positively shapes the minds of people who have it. And she wants more community built around that. A lot of great takeaways and eureka moments on this episode.